Let’s improv, beginners!

My drama students are typically method actors. There is some resistance to improv when you are so used to breaking down a script and building a character from deep emotion. To us, sticking with the first spontaneous creative choice that comes to mind, and allowing ourselves to simply play and see where it takes us, is more freedom than we can handle.

That is exactly why I encourage them to jump! “Get out of your comfort zone.” How do you think Stanislavsky even created his method? With a lot of brainstorming and improvisation. There is no better way to learn how to access your emotions than to play with the unexpected.

“I am not funny.”

A common misconception is that you have to be a comedian to be good at improv. To me, the greatest improvisers stick with their choices made at the beginning of their exercise, and take it seriously. It gets funny on its own. They are not worried about that. They just keep it going.

So much in acting is about thinking quickly on your feet. So much is about keeping an energy flow with your scene partners. You can certainly develop those skills with improv. So, try it!

I have prepared several 90-minute workshops that will be taking place once a month through 2020. I hope to see you there!

Reserve your spot early and mark it on your calendar!