Michael Tamayo (acting lessons) gave us 5 starts on Thumbtack

“I have just begun with Ms. Lambert. I am beyond the moon to be working with her. When I first met her, I just knew she was the perfect match for me. I feel she really believes in my potential, despite what society will say about a person who is “different”, I know that I have a lot to learn and you’re never too old to anything despite other people’s opinions. I am excited and blessed to be working with you, Ms Lambert. See you soon!!!”

Ema Martinez (public speaking lessons) gave us 5 stars on Thumbtack

“She values how important words are, and that’s a characteristic you should be looking on a public speaking coach. Charismatic, full of energy but most important she knows how to make what we think it’s a complex practice, a simple one.”

Stay Korelc (public speaking lessons) gave us 5 stars on Thumbtack

“Luciana did an amazing job during our session. She had researched my industry and provided content catered to me. I look forward to working with her in the future.”

Thumbtack Luciana Lambert 6 reviews

Best acting coach of 2019 and 2020