Stanislavsky Saturdays

A quick-and-easy review of the Stanislavsky Method for actors Every Saturday we cover one topic of the Stanislavsky Method for Actors in an easy to follow, practical approach. This is a live stream event you have no reason to miss!

Acting for Kids 10-14 years old

Acting for TV, film and theater (kids) In this class, your kid will learn everything about acting as a career: from performing to auditioning. In addition, they will receive industry insider's tips about show business jargon and how to behave professionally backstage and on set. Every class we do acting technique exercises, and we practice … Read More

Acting from the play – for beginners

Beginner actors will learn from the script In this montly class, we will spend 3 hours dissecting a script, exploring characters, lines, story structure and scene work. We apply the Stanislavsky Method for actors to plays, mainly from American playwrights.Plays we explore, among others: "Doubt: a Parabole" by John Patrick Shanley"American Son" by Cristopher Demos-Brown"The … Read More

Online Improv Training – beginners

In this improv group class, beginners will have the opportunity to learn how to think creatively on your feet by practicing improv games. Improv is not just a great comedy foundation for actors: it has proven to be a great self-improvement hobby. By learning how to make a quick choice and "just go with it" … Read More

Acting for kids – 6 to 9 years old

Little ones fun time with an initiation to performing. We play and explore our creativity! Luciana Lambert is an actress and acting coach. She has also been a teacher to little ones and loves teaching them how to be in touch with their creative side. In this online class, the student will see other kids … Read More