Courses for Actors 1 – Acting Business Plan for 2021

January 10 11:00 am 4:00 pm UTC+0

Spend the day with actress and coach Luciana Lambert developing an action plan for your acting career 2021in the face of recent changes.

2021 is going to be a different year for actors. From the way we audition to how we will be working, everything changed quickly in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Old rules no longer apply. That goes for TV pilot season, fim casting, as well as theater. This workshop was prepared after consulting with several actors and casting directors, as well as studying the rules and regulations of the entities which decide how entertainment workers should proceed on stage and on set. We will talk about:

Career planning: setting realistic goals, and ambitious goals – short and long term

Action plan: breaking down your goals into concrete steps to be taken as scheduled

Your brand as an actor: from headshot and reel to Social Media, what helps, what hurts, what is a waste of time.

Auditioning: the new industry standard for virtual meetings and call backs

Mindset and Support System: what happens when you book the job?

Networking virtually and contacting Casting Directors: the DO’s and DON’Ts

What about the Unions? For a non-union actors, we will cover the pros and cos of becoming unionized. For union actors, we will talk about the current challenges performers’ unions are facing and how they affect us.

The workshop will take place online via Zoom from 11AM to 3PM (Eastern Time) with one 30-minute break.

Participants are encouraged to send questions in advance. There will be time alloted for Q&A.

Sign up for this workshop in advance for the Early Bird special price.

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New Year’s Resolutions for Actors

How you can revive your passion and get to work

Have you written a New Year’s Resolution last December? No? When was the last time you did? Do you understand the importance of writing a list of goals to work on once a year? Let’s talk about that.

What is a New Year’s Resolution?

According to Wikipedia, it is “a tradition in which a person resolves to continue good practices, change an undesired trait or behavior, to accomplish a personal goal, or otherwise improve their life.”

Studies show that people who set realistic goals and periodically revise their resolutions list are successful at meeting (and sometimes exceeding) such goals. Whether it is getting healthier or saving money, as long as your list is well thought, you can create action plans for each objective, track your progress, and achieve your dreams.

However, these past years may have been chaotic. If you skipped dreaming because reality was too hard, or inconsistent beyond management, that is understandable. Artists in particular have been dealing with a roller coaster professionally and personally.

When it comes to our work, changes started a few years back, from the ways we auditioned to the legal side of our career (agents, contracts, unions). Before we could get used to them, our industry was shut down in March of 2020 never to be the same again, even after reopening.

On a personal level, artists are by nature more sensitive than people whose life does not revolve around their creativity. Therefore, a bad year (or a bad few years) politically and financially can certainly throw us off completely.

As much as you may have struggled in recent times to find performance opportunities, get paid for your work, and have inspiration in your life, the tides are finally changing.

It’s time to heal from the past and start thinking about yourself again. Start by reviving your passion – read a script, take an acting class, self-tape a scene or monologue.

Then, create a plan for your short and long term happiness. Write down what you need and want, from health to finances, without neglecting what brings you joy.

That will be the starting point that will create a visual map of which steps to take first: should you start by reviewing your acting reel and resume? Taking a new headshot? Is it time to send a few handwritten cards to your connections in the business?

The most important point here is, do not procrastinate on your resolutions list. Without it, it will be more challenging to know what to do now and next. Do it for yourself and your work, because your art matters – it is your mission, what you bring to make this world a better place.


*the link above is for a paid virtual class